Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finally We Know the Cause of Poverty!

David Barton asserts that if you read the bible you might not be on Welfare. 

David Barton
"Wouldn't it be interesting to do a study between those that are on welfare and see how much and how often they read the Bible. You know, if Booker T. Washington is right that Christianity and reading the Bible increases your desires and therefore your ability for hard work; if we take that as an axiom, does that mean that the people who are getting government assistance spend nearly no time in the Bible, therefore have no desire, and therefore no ability for hard work? I could go a lot of places with this. I would love to see this proven out in some kind of sociological study, but it makes perfect sense."

What is totally interesting about this is that if you did this I would be shocked if you found the results weren't actually the complete opposite. What we do know is that the denominations that are growing the fastest are the ones that typically are made up of the lowest economic classes. The thing is, either way, poverty's advance has no link to biblical reading. 

I'm tired of the Faith = Wealth gospel. Just because you believe in Jesus that will not get you out of poverty, nor will it get you the mansion or car that you've been salivating over.

Honestly Barton's assertion is offensive on so many levels. One has to wonder how many practices that he engages in alone that place other people in poverty. Does he support organizations that continue to take jobs away from Americans? How has he tried to help others rise from poverty, other than handing them a Bible?

And now to Barton... I know that you will never see this, nor would you care if you did, but I just wish you could truly place yourself in the shoes of someone who is in poverty. Its not always a choice or a product of laziness. Sometimes the way that people live... yes even you Barton, help to place people in situations where they have no choice. So, pull the silver spoon out of your mouth, spit out the caviar and apologize to the many Christians that you have offended!

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